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Water supply

Let us examine the water supply in frame cottage for example. In this example, the introduction of predpologaetsya cold water.
Internal plumbing system, not only for private cottage on frame technology, include entries into the building, water gauge assembly, distributing network, standpipes, connections to the standpipes appliances, water-, mixing, stop and control valves.
When making a decision - to choose which system should take into account - the system of internal plumbing is subject to the technical and economic feasibility, sanitation and fire protection requirements, as well as the accepted system of outdoor plumbing.
For a frame cottage, cottage are advised to take dead-end system with the lower wiring internal plumbing of cold water with one input.
In the designed cottage predpologaetsya to make the first floor under the economic needs, therefore, input, water gauge assembly and pipelines are located on the first floor.
The main pipelines are laid along the inner wall in 40 - 50 cm above the floor. Attaching lines carried on brackets or hooks. Trunk pipelines design with an emphasis 0.002 - 0.005 in the direction of entry for the descent of water from the water system of the building.

Water input
Entering this section of the pipeline running from the city network to the cottage. Entering try to patch up the shortest path and perpendicular to the cottage, a place of maximum water riser location. The slope of the input to the urban water supply 0.002-0.005. Setting the input is usually mounted pipe made of steel pipes for vodogazoprovoda 20 mm in diameter.
Tube entry, in this example is carried out through the outer wall of a frame cottage, after performing the preparatory work for the wire. The horizontal distance in the clear water between inputs and outlets of drainage networks - at least 1.5 m in diameter and 200 mm input. Clear distance between the vertical pipes at the intersection of at least 0.4 m

Water gauge site. Selection of a water meter.
Hydrometer is used to account for the amount of water consumed in frame cottage. For this set the water meter (water meters).
Hydrometric sites (according to the requirements of SNIP 2.04.01-85 *, p.11) should be set at the outer wall of a cottage in convenient and easily accessible room with artificial or natural light and air temperature not below 5 ° C (in our case - the first floor) .
Water meter provides a current permit water flow. Diameter of nominal bore water meter should be chosen based on the average hourly flow rate for the period of consumption, which should not exceed operational.
Hourly flow rate = 0.00175 Qttot m3 / h, in frame cottage is determined by the formula: qutot u, where:
Qttot = 1000 8
qutot - Nome flow, taken on assignment (l / person day)
u - the number of residents
Accepted water meter: vaned VC - 20

Determine the pressure loss in the counter:
Hb = S q2 = 5,18 (0,38) = 0.748 m 2 Where:
S - hydraulic resistance meter (m s2/l2)
q - the estimated flow rate (l / s)

Compare the pressure drop with acceptable (to water meter vane)
0.5 m Hb 2.5 m.
0.5 m 0.748 2.5 m
Adopted by the diameter of the meter: VC - 20 with the following parameters: S = 5,18
ekspl.rashod water 2 m3 / h
Determine the total pressure loss in the internal water supply network designed building:
Hobsch = He + Hb = 26.9 + 0.75 = 27.65 m.
He - loss of pressure in the internal plumbing (as determined by field 12 Table 1)
HB - head loss in a selected gauge meter /

Construction axonometric scheme of internal water supply network
After addressing the trace water to begin drawing axonometric scheme of internal plumbing.
Axonometric scheme should include all the elements - the design of the instrument to the city water wells: water gauge site, enter the building. The diagram show-pipes, shut-off and relief valves, refer to the floor marks the basement, first and upper floors, to mark the entry and land in the place of entry into the building. Bear the number of settlement sites along the calculated direction, from dictating the (estimated) of (unit) - usually the most remote and highly placed - to the place where the input to the city water supply (against the flow of water).
Axonometric diagram is drawn so that the horizontal pipes along the drawing sheet, were sent along the lower edge of the leaf, and located across the drawing sheet (perpendicular to the bottom of the page) were sent (the scheme) at 45 ° (on the same scale).
Axonometric scheme performed by hydraulic calculation of water supply network.

Hydraulic calculation of water supply network.
Hydraulic calculation of a water supply system for the selection of running pipelines and their diameters, to create optimal conditions for water cottage.
In the calculation take into account: the definition of the estimated cost, the purpose of pipe diameters taken for installation (steel, plastic), the definition of head loss in length and the local resistance.
Determining the cost of settlement areas and produce hydraulic calculation in tabular form.



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