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House of laminated veneer lumber - is too ambiguous concept. Sometimes the expert can not understand what people mean by saying the phrase "house of laminated veneer lumber." What glulam be used for the construction of wall corrugated laminated board or laminated board is not profiled for fahvrka. It all depends on what the requirements put forward by the customer. On them and will build master, selecting the materials. But often the right choice of material can save a considerable amount on the construction. Therefore, this issue must be sorted out.

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The first step is to determine the purposes for which the building will be designed. Here we have in mind the seasonality of his visit. After all, a house can be both to visit him all year, and temporary, seasonally visit. Most often for seasonal visits built cottages, its popularity has received under the old regime. In those days, giving perform one basic function - to grow vegetables and fruit, which stores a deficit. Despite this, many people in the country cottage is also a place of rest. A place where you can commune with nature and breathe clean fresh air. But the main objective of giving was certainly a garden. For this reason, the peak visiting country houses fell on the warm season, when there is no snow in the yard. In winter, life in suburban towns, usually suspended. That is why the construction of cottages on warming issue is not the building stood as takovoy.From foregoing that home for a visit in the warmer times of the year does not make sense to build up of thick materials that have a low thermal conductivity. In this case, provided that the material is properly selected, the customer can save quite a large sum of money.

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Now consider the houses built for visits throughout the year. This category includes two groups of houses:

Houses built for permanent residence (domicile);
Homes for their periodic bloom.

First, consider the periodic home visits. The standard of living of the population, since the Soviet Union has increased significantly, and this was followed by what is no longer giving the place of slave labor, and turned into a place to stay. Along with this, in recent years our government has introduced a long New Year holidays. These days most people are tired of the endless stay in the city, rush to the cottage. And what remains? Ski resorts many can not afford. It turns out that the cottage - this is the most rational decision. That's only in this case we need a home that can withstand severe frosts. And that's how it should be warm, to be solved in advance. To do this, decide for yourself how much time during the winter you will be staying at his dacha. After one visit to the New Year's holiday and a trip to the country every weekend - it's not the same thing. Here is one - to take the paper, pen, sit down and count.

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Home for permanent residence - the building is designed to stay in it all year. Here it needs a different approach. The first, which focuses on - is a reliable, well-insulated walls. What should be the thermal conductivity of the walls depends on many factors. First, the financial capacity of the client. Second, the ecological factors. During the construction of the house to save on materials no longer happens. If the insulation of the building was saved, it only means that in the future will have to pay more for energy. This is not the economy. It is for this reason that the question of what should be wall refers to the economic side. Say exactly how much electricity prices will rise in the near future, no one can, but what they grow - it is no news.

Environmental side of the issue - the greenhouse effect, which is formed from every person, every residential and industrial areas of the world. Of course, the idea is quite extensive, but they can not be ignored. After all, the state at any time can tighten the requirements for heat the building. And how these requirements can grow, too, no one can say no. In European countries such requirements already vvedeny.Pomimo thick wall profiled glued timber, there are other options. For example, the height of laminated veneer lumber, glue, used in production, profile, height and size of finger jointing.

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Now in order.

  • Height of wall laminated veneer lumber. How high beam should be chosen for the construction of the building, depends on the tastes of the customer. It is believed that the higher the bar, the richer it looks. This opinion is not without smysla.Razberemsya in the price issue. Beam can be of two types in height: timber, made of one board or a bar, called a "double switching." Manufacturing technology profiled glued timber of one board lot easier, and therefore its value is much lower. The high beam is required to glue on top. This complicates the technology of production, and, hence, its price rises. Most often in the high beams can be seen in the middle lane docking. Selection bar remains for the customer. We can only give an opinion. Timber is to choose the greatest height, but does not have a "double switching." This timber will be available at a price, and will look beautiful.
  • Different types of wall profiled beam. The tall timber will be much smaller rims and "cups", which means that the house of the high beam bude warmer. But these benefits can and neglected. The same wall built of laminated veneer lumber and low-profile, will require different amounts of lumber.

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For example, consider a wall with dimensions of 6 x 3.25 x 2 (dimensions in meters). In order to build a wall, you will need about twenty crowns bar 176 mm, or about fifteen crowns, 220 mm long. However, the actual size of the beam 176 mm - 185 mm it is, because it is nine millimeters deep into another board. That is, to bar 220 mm, overall dimension is 229 mm. It now remains to calculate the volume and converted to cubic meters. It turns out that the construction of the wall of the timber 176, will need 4.44 cubic yards of material, and for beams 220 - 4.122 meters. Now we can calculate the difference in price. High beam, as usually more expensive than the low.

It turns out that high-glued timber has certain disadvantages: higher cost and the band in the middle. It can be concluded that the bar higher, it makes sense to choose the length only of equal value. If the price of timber is different, you should consider all the characteristics of timber and count, does it make sense to buy it.

  • Now breed. The most common species are pine and spruce. The choice between these two breeds - the most common question from customers. Each of these breeds have both advantages and disadvantages.

To begin, consider pine. Its wood - is a bright material, which has many different shades. Spruce Pine is harder, but it is inferior for thermal protection. However, the latter is not so significant, and therefore does not appear anywhere. The main drawback of pine wood - is too many shades. To pick up the slats of the same color is almost impossible. Accordingly, glued profiled beam turns variegated. This deficiency is corrected only with time or use antiseptic toning.

Glued laminated timber of spruce, in turn, has a uniform white color. In such a bar is not visible at the junction of the teeth. The issue of cracks in laminated board, usually does not occur. All wood flaws were corrected at the stage of drying and gluing. The only thing to be feared, because it is the formation of hair cracks.

Now consider the other species that are in demand in the construction market, but not common in the European part of the country. One such species is the cedar, or, as it is called, Siberian pine. Compared with pine, cedar, much softer. The wood has a very specific color and smell. Additionally, cedar wood has excellent antiseptic properties, of which even legendary. That cedar trimmed operating room during the Second World War. Also cedar is often used for the construction of baths. However, communication with the inhabitants of Siberia are the lessons that build the house of cedar is not recommended. This is easily explained: the human body that resides in a sterile room, when hit in the streets becomes defenseless. Sometimes advised to just turn into a wall or two of cedar beams. But we will not go deeply into this topic - materials on it abound on the Internet. Returning to the question of cedar, it's worth noting that this tree is located in the Red Book, which means that its commercial harvesting is prohibited. Is the wood that is on the market, it's just leftovers from thinning. Typically, this is the age of the trees more than three hundred years. Simply put, the tree from which to build a wall, was born during the time of the conqueror of Siberian land Ermak. This fact alone makes cedar beams original grandeur.

One of the most reliable materials for wall laminated veneer lumber is larch. It is difficult to say exactly how it affects the human body, but that the house will stand for hundreds of years - that's for sure. Larch - a very good building material, but very poorly to treatment. Houses built of larch - a very rare occurrence. Usually of wood make this only the first crowns, that is, those areas that are most prone to rot. It is worth noting that the price of the material brought from Siberia, grows in the amount of from three to eight thousand.

Adhesive used in our company proizvodstve.V used glue - P. I. Bond PI-111 (Oshika Corp., Tokyo, Japan). Do not want to go into all the details of the production of laminated veneer lumber, but it is worth mentioning that gluing wood is one of the main stages of production.

We consider the conditions needed to store the adhesive system. The most suitable temperature for storage - from 15 to 25 degrees. Higher and lower temperatures are permissible only for short periods. This means that emperatura may be beyond the allowable period for a minor. For example, in the transportation, loading and unloading material. Storage at higher and lower temperatures depending on many factors. For example, the temperature of the material, or the volume of the container in which it is located.

In addition, during the transport material is an additional impact due to the fact that the material is in motion. This prevents it from negative effects of the material is in a state of rest. Often to IBC, which are used to store material, use the following relation of time and temperature:

temperature Time
10 ° C to 15 days
5 ° C to 10 days
0 4:00
-10 ° C 1:00
-20 ° C 1:00
-30 ° C 30 minutes

These storage conditions profiled glued timber rather harsh. Conditions for the bonding of wood are the same.

Many clients often ask, "How can a glue used in the production of timber, have an impact on human health?" The fact that the bonding seam does not go out. That is, the construction of the house itself seam is hidden from the environment. A very different picture is presented by joints, which are located on the ends of the beams and joints in length.

Calculate the area of seams and ends. Timber, which consists of the 5 blades (20 cm), will have four stitches 18.5 x 0.03 cm total area of 2.2 square joints will be. see end area - 3.7 square meters. m This is about 0.6% of the total. That is, the interaction with the environment almost none. Percentage of sutures in facial lamellae even lower. For example, the area of the adhesive surface with particle board or OSB is several times higher. Even just one hour open bottle of glue to your health cause much greater harm.

Dimensions thorns sraschivaniya.Eto parameter is important in the production of laminated beams that carry certain loads. The most common sizes of thorns - this is 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30. The higher the spike, so it is more noticeable. Accordingly, small spikes will be less noticeable. The large size of the spike is important only for the items that are subject to heavy loads. For wall beam enough thorns to the size of 10 or 15 mm.



This factor is a point of contention between various manufacturers. Typically, each praises those bits and enjoyed. More seriously, we chose cutters seriously. We wanted all the elements were stable, while for them to have heat locks that will prevent blowing.

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